General conditions of sale


1. General principles

The present conditions are the only binding ones and cancel and replace any and all other printed or handwritten conditions reported or mentioned in offers and / or quotes. They are intended to be modified or varied only by special conditions that may be included in the order. The offers of Geoflange S.r.l. they are neither binding nor binding. Orders are valid only if made in writing and must be considered accepted only after the Order Confirmation has been sent by Geoflange S.r.l.

For the execution of the order, only the conditions of sale set out in this document are considered valid. Also any changes to these conditions will be valid only if indicated in the Order Confirmation issued by Geoflange S.r.l. Any changes requested by the Customer, communicated after the Order Confirmation, will be subject to evaluation by Geoflange S.r.l., which may
accept or reject such changes. Any changes made for consideration will be agreed with the Customer and ratified in the Order Confirmation.

Geoflange S.r.l. retains the right of ownership on the supply until full payment of the price agreed in the Order Confirmation. The Customer will provide for the conservation of the supply and will take all necessary measures to prevent the property right of Geoflange S.r.l. be prejudiced.

2. Product characteristics

Any information or data on the characteristics and / or specifications of the products contained in brochures, price lists, catalogs or similar documents are indicative and not binding.

3. Drawings and technical documentation

Unless otherwise indicated, Geoflange S.r.l. they are accompanied by a Declaration of Conformity according to the European Directive applicable to the product.

Drawings, material certificates, control reports and any other documentation not required by current legislation are provided by Geoflange S.r.l. only if defined and agreed in the order phase and provided for in the Order Confirmation. In the event of requests subsequent to receipt of the order, Geoflange S.r.l. reserves the right not to provide such documentation.

Geoflange S.r.l. reserves the right to apply the costs of processing or retrieving the documentation requested by the Customer.

4. Prices and payments

Unless otherwise agreed, the sale price is set in the Order Confirmation and is indicated in Euros, per unit of product. It is always net of VAT and, unless otherwise agreed, of any transport costs. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the payment methods are indicated in the Order Confirmation. Failure to comply with the agreed payment terms will result in the cancellation of any discounts granted to the Customer as well as the application, on the amount due, of default interest at the legal rate, calculated on the basis of what established by Legislative Decree no.192 of 2012, without the need for a formal formal notice.

Unless otherwise agreed, the price is fixed, up to the delivery date established in the contract. If, for reasons not attributable to Geoflange S.r.l., the delivery date is extended, Geoflange S.r.l. reserves the right to apply any price increases that have occurred in the meantime, in addition to any parking and storage costs to which the deposit rate of 0.2 euro / sqm / day of occupied area will be applied, including the buffer zone perimeter.

5. Warranty

Please refer to the document “General warranty conditions” published on the website

6. Shipping and packaging

The goods travel with standard packaging, unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing and / or clarification in the Order Confirmation. The cost of standard packaging is not included in the sale price unless otherwise agreed in writing.Delivery, pursuant to art. 1510 of the Italian Civil Code, the defendant is understood to be ex works of Geoflange S.r.l. and performed upon remittance of the same to the customer, carrier or forwarder; the supply risk is transferred to the Customer from the delivery date.

The delivery terms, ex works (Ex Works – Incoterms 2010) at the Geoflange S.r.l. plant, correspond to those indicated in the Geoflange S.r.l. Order Confirmation. These terms are always intended as indicative and not binding, unless otherwise, prior and explicit written agreement.

7. Grounds for reasons of force majeure

In the event that, for reasons not attributable to Geoflange S.r.l., the latter is temporarily or permanently unable to make the delivery for reasons of force majeure (such as, for example, earthquakes, strikes, lockouts, lack of means of transport, order of the authorities, floods, etc.), Geoflange S.r.l. will be relieved of the delivery obligations for the entire duration of the impediment and for all the time in which the consequent effects will continue, as well as from any obligation of compensation for damages due to delay in relation to of the Customer. Geoflange S.r.l. will promptly inform the Customer of the occurrence of such an impediment and will have the right to resolve the supply relationship.

8. Termination of the contract and / or suspension of deliveries

In the event that one of the conditions established for the supply is not respected, even only partially, or in the event that there are variations of any kind in the company name, constitution or commercial capacity of the Customer, as well as in the event of ascertained difficulty in payments by the Customer, including towards third parties, Geoflange S.r.l. will have the right to suspend deliveries, even in the case of confirmed orders.

9. Information pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003

The Customer’s personal data will be processed exclusively for the fulfillment of contractual obligations, for keeping the accounts, for billing, for credit management and to meet the legal, civil and tax obligations. Pursuant to Article 13 of the aforementioned law, the Customer is still entitled to request, at any time, by sending a written request, including by fax, to update, correct or delete data.

10. Final Clauses

Any changes or additions to these General Conditions of Sale will not be effective unless they have been made in writing. Any partial or total invalidity of a clause of these General Conditions of Sale will not result in the invalidity of the entire clause or of the General Conditions of Sale, respectively.